Packshots vs Product Photography [Pretoria East Product Photographer]

Product Photography is a very important side of advertising and marketing of any product.

It is the potential client’s first introduction to your product. You need to make sure that you get this step right.

If you fail, clients can easily believe that your product is of an inferior quality.

Your potential client should feel that they need this product.

The product must therefore look inviting and create a certain mood that suits the product. For example, bath products should give a clean, fresh feeling.

Photographers create the feel and look of an image by using a variety of lighting set-ups and sometimes props.

You, as the client will have different uses for different styles of images depending on the platform that the image will be used for, e.g. advertorial in a magazine, billboard or e-commerce websites and/or social media.

In the case of e-commerce sites, clients will usually require packshots.

Packshots are images of your products or product ranges, displaying the packaging, labels and appearance of products.

We will normally photograph these products on a white background in the form of a production line. One lighting set-up will be used and hardly ever will props or styling be introduced.

I obviously charge less for these kinds of photo sessions than for an advertorial product shoot that requires specialised lighting and styling.

Costing will be determined on the amount of products that must be photographed. I charge per hour. Please feel free to contact me for ‘n discussion and quote.

See examples below of packshots:

When it comes to specialised product photography, the ball game changes. It will usually involve a complex lighting set-up, styling, creating of a mood and props.

These photo sessions takes time and patience. It is normally done for just one product or a small range.

This will also include more difficult to photograph products, e.g. products with chrome writing or shiny surfaces. Products that create glare or some difficult to photograph liquids.

See examples below:

So clearly, not all requirements for product photography are the same and I can therefore not charge the same for packshots as I would for specialised product photography.

I would love for you to contact me with your requirements. I am always open to my client’s ideas.

Lastly, when it comes to your products, please make sure that you provide me with clean, high quality products.

If I have to apply a lot of post production editing to your product to make it appear perfect, you will have to pay for the extra time spent on editing.

Small imperfections like skew labels, scratches or bad printing on labels will make my work harder and cost you more.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your product photography needs.

Product Photography – Pretoria East

If you are a business owner offering an outstanding product, chances are you will have to advertise this product either via your own website, social media or print media.

To make a success of your business and sell products, you will have to do marketing and introduce the public to your product.

This is where I come in.

Picksees Photography can assist you with the photographing of your product/s in such a way that it would interest buyers.

Either by making use of pack shots or spending a bit more time on photographing your luxury items.

I have been a full-time studio studio photographer for ±12 years now and operating in the Pretoria East area.

I work from my home based studio which is a quiet, comfortable and a private space.

This is where I would prefer to photograph your products.

I use a variety of professional equipment and my studio set-up is already geared towards photographing your products in the fastest possible way, without loss of quality.

If however, your product can’t be moved or only moved with great difficulty, we can come to an arrangement to photograph at your factory or business premisses.

I use a variety of Canon Camera Bodies and Lenses as well as Elinchrom Lighting Equipment.

Back-up equipment are always on standby if needed.

During my 12 years of being a professional photographer, I have refined my process as follows:

Email or telephone me to discuss your photography needs.

Please provide me with the following information in order for me to provide you with a customised quotation:

  • What kind of product you would like me to photograph. Is it simple pack shots for a catalogue or an e-commerce site? Or is it a more luxurious product and the images will be used in an advertising campaign, etc?
  • The size of your product.
  • The amount of products that you would like me to photograph.
  • Do I have to travel?
  • In which format would you like me to provide the images? For example jpegs or png.
  • The size of the images required. This will largely depend on the purpose or future use of the images.
  • Do you require any styling of your products.
  • Will digital manipulation be required on any of the images.
  • Will we need a model or stylist?
  • Props? Wardrobe, built set?

Once you have accepted my quote, we can agree on a time that would suit both parties.

Clients are welcome to drop off their products at the studio and collect again once the shoot has been completed.

In the case of jewellery or other expensive items, it will be best if you stay for the photo session or arrange insurance for the time that your product will be at my studio.

All images will be go through a process of post production where colour will be corrected and little imperfections will be removed.

I will provide you with an online gallery of your images. This will provide you with the opportunity to approve your images first. If you are satisfied, the final product will be forwarded to you via Dropbox.

You are welcome to discuss any styling or creative ideas with me. I would love to incorporate your ideas into the final product if it is within my means.

I will normally have a look at your brand before hand to make sure that I get the feel for your product and portray it correctly. I am also open to discussions on exactly what it is that you want from the final product.

Good images of your product will really enhance your brand awareness.