Devon’s Graduation Photos [Pretoria Graduation Photographer]

This year has been rather challenging. Due to the pandemic all tertiary eduction institutions have suspended graduation ceremonies.

This does not however stop you from obtaining your degree/diploma or coming for a photo session with your family to celebrate the event.

That is exactly what Devon and has family did. Just a few favourites.

Arthur word Een [Pretoria Family Photographer]

Klein wriemelkous Arthur het nou onlangs een jaar oud geword.

Hierdie geleentheid is gevier deur onder andere te kom vir ‘n foto sessie met die oumas en oupas.

Klein Arthur het al die aandag en props vreeslik geniet.

Net ‘n paar gunstelling fotos van die sessie.

Graduation Photos [Pretoria East Graduation Photographer]

It is an absolute honour to graduate after you have invested so much time and energy into your studies.

Surely this occasion must be photographed and remembered forever?

This is where I come in.

I would love to assist you in creating your memories.

You are even welcome to bring your closest family with.

Please note that we do not provide the gowns, sashes or caps.

You must rent these from the official graduation outfitters.

You can select a white or grey background.

During your 15 minute photo session I will take as many photos as possible. 

This will include head and shoulders “headshots” as well as full length images if required. 

Your will receive 15 high resolution, digital images afterwards.

All images are colour corrected and digitally enhanced. 

Teeth and eyes can be whitened on request.  Skin smoothing can also be done as well as bags under the eyes be removed.

Any advanced editing will be subject to an additional charge of R100 per image.  Examples of advanced editing:- removing of double chins, changing colour of shirts, filling in hairline or creating hair volume, etc. 

Please allow ±24-48 hours for the editing/post production process to be completed.

The final product will be forwarded to you via Dropbox.

If you are late, this time will be deducted from the shooting time or your appointment will be considered cancelled.

I look forward to assisting you herein.

Dance Competition Photos [Pretoria East Event Photographer]

I am a dance mom through and through.

I have been photographing my own daughter’s dances for years and I jumped at the opportunity to photograph this Dance Competition.

Little girls are after all made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Photographing them is pure joy.

Just a few favourites from this competition.

Food Photography

I thoroughly enjoy food photography.

It gives me the chance to play around with mood and drama… lighting and styling… creative thoughts and technical know-how.

I seldom use natural light only.

Manipulating studio light to create mood and feel is what I prefer.

I make use of a variety of lights, reflectors and flags to create my images.

All the styling in these images was done by me.

The props and styling aids also belong to the studio.

In the above image I used a large softbox on the right hand side to mimic window light.

I also used a white reflector on the left hand side to lift out the dark shadows.

In the above image I used small spot lights to lift out certain spots like the tomatoes and parmesan.

By using hands in some of my images I create a personal feel.

Packshots vs Product Photography [Pretoria East Product Photographer]

Product Photography is a very important side of advertising and marketing of any product.

It is the potential client’s first introduction to your product. You need to make sure that you get this step right.

If you fail, clients can easily believe that your product is of an inferior quality.

Your potential client should feel that they need this product.

The product must therefore look inviting and create a certain mood that suits the product. For example, bath products should give a clean, fresh feeling.

Photographers create the feel and look of an image by using a variety of lighting set-ups and sometimes props.

You, as the client will have different uses for different styles of images depending on the platform that the image will be used for, e.g. advertorial in a magazine, billboard or e-commerce websites and/or social media.

In the case of e-commerce sites, clients will usually require packshots.

Packshots are images of your products or product ranges, displaying the packaging, labels and appearance of products.

We will normally photograph these products on a white background in the form of a production line. One lighting set-up will be used and hardly ever will props or styling be introduced.

I obviously charge less for these kinds of photo sessions than for an advertorial product shoot that requires specialised lighting and styling.

Costing will be determined on the amount of products that must be photographed. I charge per hour. Please feel free to contact me for ‘n discussion and quote.

See examples below of packshots:

When it comes to specialised product photography, the ball game changes. It will usually involve a complex lighting set-up, styling, creating of a mood and props.

These photo sessions takes time and patience. It is normally done for just one product or a small range.

This will also include more difficult to photograph products, e.g. products with chrome writing or shiny surfaces. Products that create glare or some difficult to photograph liquids.

See examples below:

So clearly, not all requirements for product photography are the same and I can therefore not charge the same for packshots as I would for specialised product photography.

I would love for you to contact me with your requirements. I am always open to my client’s ideas.

Lastly, when it comes to your products, please make sure that you provide me with clean, high quality products.

If I have to apply a lot of post production editing to your product to make it appear perfect, you will have to pay for the extra time spent on editing.

Small imperfections like skew labels, scratches or bad printing on labels will make my work harder and cost you more.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your product photography needs.

Food Photography – Pretoria Food Photographer

Have you ever heard the expression: “eating with your eyes?”

This is definitely something we keep in mind with food photography.

The food that I photograph must be a feast for your eyes.

Just by looking at the image you should feel like your other senses are also ignited.

You should want to taste and smell the food in the image.

Food Photographers possess the skill to create beautiful images of food with ideal lighting, styling and a few other tricks.

Restaurants, Cook Book Publishers, Food Suppliers for Advertorial Purposes and even some E-commerce Sites will require Food Photography Images on a regular basis.

This is where I come in. Picksees Photography can help you create unique and beautiful food imagery for your restaurant menus, cookbooks etc.

I have been a full-time studio photographer for ±12 years now and operating in the Pretoria East area.

I work from my home based studio which is a quiet, comfortable and a private space with a kitchen on hand.

I also travel if you need me to photograph your culinary images at your restaurant space or test kitchen.

I use a variety of Canon Camera Bodies and Lenses as well as Elinchrom Lighting Equipment.

Back-up equipment are always on standby if needed.

During my 12 years of being a professional photographer, I have refined my process as follows:

Email or telephone me to discuss your photography needs and creative ideas.

Please provide me with the following information in order for me to provide you with a customised quotation:

  • What is the purpose of the Food Photography? Is it for a Menu, Cookbook, Advertising, E-Commerce, etc.
  • The amount of food set-ups that you would like me to photograph.
  • Do I have to travel?
  • The size of the images required. This will largely depend on the purpose or future use of the images.
  • Do you require any styling of your products. Perhaps a food stylist?
  • Will digital manipulation be required on any of the images.
  • Will we need a model or stylist?
  • Will I be required to use my own styling props like cutlery or plates or does your restaurant prefer me to use your signature serving plates.

I will then proceed to create a preliminary quote for you. If you are interested in hiring me we can proceed to have an on site meeting.

Once all the details have been discussed and agreed upon, I will provide you with a final quote.

Food Photography can’t be rushed. Food needs to be prepared and a shooting set-up created.

Styling and creating the perfect images takes time.

After our photo session is completed, I will do some post-production work on the images.

During this process colour will be corrected and little imperfections will be removed.

I will provide you with an online gallery of your images.

This will provide you with the opportunity to approve your images first.

If you are satisfied, the final product will be forwarded to you via Dropbox.

You are welcome to discuss any styling or creative ideas with me.

I would love to incorporate your ideas into the final product if it is within my means.

I will normally have a look at your brand before hand to make sure that I get the feel for your product and portray it correctly.

I am also open to discussions on exactly what it is that you want from the final product.

Good images of your food will really enhance your brand awareness.