Modelling Portfolio: Candace

I have photographed this young model before and I enjoy it everytime. Candace is professional and always prepared, which makes my job a breeze.

Just a few favourites. The images were taken for an Autumn Themed Competion.

Reba and Mbali’s Friendship Shoot

How awesome is it to come for a friendship photo shoot for your birthday! Friends are really important in life and these memories must be captured. That is exactly what Reba did for her birthday.

I had so much fun with these two teens. They sure have style.

Corporate Portraits [Pretoria Photographer]

We have been rather busy at the studio and we don’t always get the time to post the smaller photo shoots that we do.  Here are just a few of the most recent corporate headshots we did:

Pretoria Corporate Photographer Pretoria East Corporate Photographer Pretoria East Photographer Pretoria Photographer Pretoria Photography Studio Pretoria Portrait Photographer

Emirates Portraits [Pretoria Photographer]

Emirates Airlines are rather strict and precise with their application process.  Images of applicants must be taken with the whole body facing forward, black jacket and knee length skirt, pantihose, formal shoes, hair neatly tied back and red lipstick.

Here are a few portraits that I shot recently.

Emirates Portraits

Pretoria East Portrait PhotographerPretoria East Photographer  Pretoria Photographer Pretoria Photography Studio Pretoria Portrait Photographer

Jaylene – Pretoria East Photographer

Jaylene is a wonderful little girl that I met shortly before Christmas through Reach for a Dream.  She came to the studio for a fashion shoot after her shopping spree with one of the Reach for a Dream representatives.  Her dream was so to be a fashionista for a day.

Just a few favourites.  All the images can be viewed under the client proofs.

Pretoria_Portrait_Photographer Prtoria_East_Photographer Childrens_Photographer_Pretoria Pretoria_Childrens_Photographer Pretoria_East_Photography_Studio Pretoria_Model_Photographer Pretoria_Photographer Pretoria_Photography_Studio