Pretoria East Pregnancy Photographer

Pregnancy is such a special time in any women’s life. Your life will change for ever. You are about to become a mother. Someone will depend on you for the rest of life. Someone will call you “mommy”.

Many women loves to capture this special time. To create a memory that will last forever… enters the Pregnancy Photo Session.

Pregnancy Photo Sessions can be done at our studio in Pretoria East or at a location of your choosing.

We normally use one of the following locations, but you are welcome to suggest something else:

Irene Dairy Farm – Irene Centurion

Sammy Marks Museum – Dinokeng

Botanical Gardens – Pretoria 

Moreletakloof Nature Reserve

Faerie Glen Nature Reserve

I would prefer to photograph your baby bump between 31 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.
During this stage your bump is nice and round and we won’t run the risk of baby arriving earlier.

How does it work?

Please email or whatsapp me to discuss availability.

Pricing and packages are available on this website.

Complete the booking form and pay the 50% booking fee.

I will also forward you an explanation of what to expect during your photo session, what to wear, how to prepare and my Terms and Conditions.

During your photo session I will take as many photos as possible.  Afterwards you will receive a link to the gallery where you can view your images and make your selection.

The amount of images in the gallery will depend on how much time we had to shoot and how many images your package provides for. 

If you are late, you will receive less images due to time constraints.

I am well aware of what it feels like to be pregnant. So if you need a bathroom break, need to rehydrate or just stop for a rest – please tell me.

Please note that our packages do not include prints. Only digital high resolution images.

You are welcome to order your prints or gifts like photobooks, from us. Please find a detailed price list for this purpose attached to the Terms and Conditions that will be emailed to you.

Packages are not set in stone. You are welcome to contact me for a quote that would suit your specific requirements.

All images are colour corrected and digitally enhanced.  Any advanced editing will be subject to an additional charge of ±R100 per image.

All images will be in colour, you can also select some images to be in black and white, sepia and other photo effects like the vintage colouring.

Please allow ±two weeks for editing to be completed and photo gallery to be uploaded.

The final product will be forwarded to you via Dropbox. 

We insist on doing all outdoor photo sessions early in the morning or late afternoon for the best lighting options.

A travel fee might be applicable if travelling outside of Pretoria is expected.

Ideas of what to bring with for your pregnancy photo session

Pair of baby’s shoes;

Some of baby’s clothes;

A cute soft toy or any other toy that’s for baby;

A short top that shows your tummy [if you want];

Sonar photo;

You can also bring anything else that will show your feminine side like a lacy night gown, a button-up shirt with lace detail.

And then anything else that you would like to do.

The type of clothes will depend on you and what you feel comfortable in.   A dress is usually a good idea for something soft and feminine.  Trousers that you will be comfortable in with a bottom up shirt that shows your tummy. 

Lace and soft materials usually looks lovely.

All of these are just suggestions.  You are welcome to come with your own ideas.

The white chiffon dress below belongs to the studio and can be used in your photos shoot, as well as all the draping.

We can also assist you with your baby’s newborn photo session, once the little bundle has been born.