The Naude/Stander Families [Pretoria East Photographer]

A few Fridays ago I had a wonderful photo shoot in the garden of one of my regular clients. Their garden still looks lovely and green for this time of the year.  The kids are familiar with the environment and was completely relaxed.  The weather was lovely and everyone involved was chirpy and ready for the photo shoot.

I loved this photo shoot because so many people were involved.  We created memories that would last a lifetime.  Moments captured in time.

Just a few favourites.  All the images can be viewed under the client proofs.

Family_Photographer_Pretoria_East Pretoria_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_Childrens_Photographer Pretoria_Couples_Photographer Pretoria_East_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_East_Childrens_Photographer Pretoria_East_Lifestyle_Photographer Pretoria_East_Photographer Pretoria_Family_Photographer Pretoria_Lifestyle_Photographer Pretoria_Photographer Pretoria_photography_studio Childrens_Photographer_Pretoria Couples_Photographer_Pretoria_East Couples_Photographer_Pretoria

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