The Breedt Family [Pretoria Photographer]

I love photographing large happy families, especially families from my community.  Even though, I have never met them before, I kind of feel like I know them because we travel se same roads, use the same shops and walk the same school halls.  You instantly feel connected.

This was the case with the Breedt Family.  I enjoyed a lovely winters afternoon with them, not too long ago.

Just a few favourites.  All the images can be viewed under the client proofs.

Family_Photographer_Pretoria Picksees_Photography_ Pretoria_Couples_Photographer Pretoria_East_Couples_Photographer Pretoria_East_Family_Photographer

Pretoria East Family Photographer

Pretoria_East_Photography_Studio Pretoria_Family_Photographer Pretoria_Lyfestyle_Photographer Pretoria_Photographer Pretoria_Photography_Studio Centurion_Couples_Photographer

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