Studio Photo Sessions

I have been a full-time studio studio photographer for ±12 years now and operating in the Pretoria East area.

I work from my home based studio which is a quiet, comfortable and a private space.

Photography makes my heart beat a little faster and I especially love working with children. Loads of patience, understanding and kindness is needed to work with babies and children and I do believe that I possess these qualities.

I use a variety of Canon Camera Bodies and Lenses as well as Elinchrom Lighting Equipment.

Back-up equipment are always on standby if needed.

During my 12 years of being a professional photographer, I have refined my process as follows:

Please email or whatsapp me discuss availability.

Pricing and packages are available on this website.

Complete the booking form and pay the 50% booking fee.

Directions will be forwarded to you or you can find me on google maps.

I will also forward you an explanation of what to expect during your photo session, what to wear, how to prepare and my Terms and Conditions.

During your photo session I will take as many photos as possible.  Afterwards you will receive a link to the gallery where you can view your images and make your selection.

The amount of images in the gallery will depend on how much time we had to shoot and how many images your package provides for. 

If you are late or baby needs a bit more time to relax, you will receive less images due to time constraints.

Please note that our packages do not include prints. Only digital high resolution images. You are welcome to order your prints or gifts from us though. Please find a detailed price list for this purpose attached to the Terms and Conditions that will be emailed to you.

Packages are not set in stone. You are welcome to contact me for a quote that would suit your specific requirements.

All images are colour corrected and digitally enhanced.  Any advanced editing will be subject to an additional charge of ±R100 per image. All images will be in colour, you can also select some images to be in black and white, sepia and other photo effects like the vintage colouring.

Please allow ±two weeks for editing to be completed and photo gallery to be uploaded.

The final product will be forwarded to you via Dropbox. 

We offer a variety of background and props. The options will be discussed with you before hand. You are also welcome to bring some props of your own.

We have a small and intimate studio.  Our studio can accommodate 5  people at the most.  If you would like to include more people, please book a lifestyle/location session.

What to wear:-

Avoid clothes with bright patterns. Rather go for solid colours.

Blue jeans with plain tops work best.

Ladies should avoid baby doll dresses and shirts as these can easily add a few kg’s.

Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. If you feel self-conscious you will not photograph well.

In case of group photos, plan ahead and try to select a colour scheme that does not clash.

Take into account that babies and toddlers do not enjoy getting dressed and  undressed.  Try to keep outfit changes to a minimum.

Also keep in mind that you book an appointment for a specific amount of time eg. 1 hour or 30 minutes. If you have too many outfit changes, you will be eating into valuable shooting time.

If you are late, this time will be deducted from the shooting time.

Babies and Toddles:-

Please bring your child’s favourite toys with. This will calm them down and I can use it to personalise the photos.

Make sure your child is well rested and fed before the shoot. Try and book your photo session with your child’s napping time in mind. In the event that your child is feeling under the weather, please reschedule. Sick children will not feel up for a photo shoot, leaving you disappointed with the end product.

Do not schedule a photo shoot for your baby or toddler within three days after an inoculation. Inoculations can make your baby feel miserable.

Keep in mind, that if your baby/toddler is not used to strangers or leaving the house, your photo session might not be the wonderful experience you envisioned. 

Babies/toddlers that stay at home with a single caretaker and never leave the house, find the photography experience challenging and frightening.  Keep your child’s personality and character in mind when booking your photo session.