Headshots / Corporate Business Portraits

Why is it important for you to have professional headshots/business portraits taken?

We live in an ever changing society where the image you portray is rather important.

Do you look well put together, neat and tidy?

Or do you look like you have just crawled out of the laundry basket or lack self-confidence?

A large portion of job applications is done online and your headshot will be the first opinion prospective employers or customers will form about you.

Applications like LinkedIn can put you in touch with possible career prospects.

People will most likely have a look at the image/s you have loaded of yourself online or attached to your CV or job application.

Is this the best possible image of you? Does this image represent the brand you would like to market?

Furthermore, large companies with an online presence might want to add your headshot to their company website/profile. Maybe even include your image in their next newsletter.

Do not miss out on future career prospects just because your corporate image does not speak to the correct market.

How do you go about obtaining the correct headshot/corporate image?

Here are some suggestions :

Take the industry that you work in, into account. If you are an accountant, look the part. If you are a chef, dress like one.

Most headshots will have a white or grey background.

Depending on the industry you work in, this can differ.

A bokeh office or boardroom backdrop can work in certain circumstances.

Avoid wearing colours with bright patterns.

Rather go for solid, corporate world colours like a navy blue or black.

Consider wearing a blazer/jacket as this gives good definition to your shoulders.

Do not wear loose fitting clothes that can create the idea that you are bigger than you are. Also try and stay away from loose hanging jerseys.

A crisp, white shirt will usually be a safe option.

If you are unsure, rather take and extra outfit or another option with you.

In case of group photos, plan ahead and try to select a colour scheme that does not clash.

I would suggest that if you are not someone that regularly wears make-up , you contact a professional make-up artist to assist you herein.

Pay special attention to your hair in your image. It must fit in with the corporate look you are trying to create.

It is usually a good idea to schedule your photo session close to your next hair appointment. Freshly coloured, cut and styled hair will give the effect of a well put together person.

Certain poses work better with business portraits. Your photographer will advise you, during the photo session on these.