Karli is One [Pretoria Cake Smash Photographer]

Wow! What a pleasant photo session this was. Little Karli and her big sister Anya are beautiful, well behaved children. They are very social and really enjoyed all the props.

I managed to take a record amount of images during their hour booking time because they arrived on time and where ready to start shooting.

They also communicated their wish list to me before the time so I was prepped and ready to go.

Furthermore, the kids where well rested and fed. This made my job a lot easier and gave me the opportunity to focus on the task at hand.

Just a few favourites.

Cake Smash Photo Sessions: Pretoria East

I have been a full-time photographer for ±12 years now. My studio is based in Pretoria East. All our cake smash photo sessions are done at my studio.

Photography is my passion and I love working with people, especially children.

A Cake Smash Photo Session is a great way to capture your child’s first birthday.

Your baby does not have many friends yet and a birthday party seems like a bit of a waste.

But you probably would like to do something special? Something that would not break the bank but would still be beautiful, fun and memorable.

Enters the Cake Smash Photo Session!

How does it work?

Please email or whatsapp me to discuss availability.

Pricing and packages are available on this website.

Complete the booking form and pay the 50% booking fee.

I will also forward you an explanation of what to expect during your photo session, what to wear, how to prepare and my Terms and Conditions.


We start off with the family photos.  This will give your baby the chance to get used to me and his/her new surroundings. 

This will be followed by a prop scene of your selection.  The studio has a wide variety of props available for boys or girls.  Kindly view our website before hand to get and idea of what you would prefer.

We will then proceed to the cake smash.  A selection of décor and set-ups we offer for cake smashes will be emailed to you before the time.  

We will end the photo session with a baby bubble bath.  If you do not wish to do a baby bubble bath, you can exchange this option for an additional prop scene of your choice.

Our package does not include a cake.  You must bring your own cake. I will arrange décor that compliments your baby’s outfit and cake.

We do not offer themed cake smashes. 

You only get to select a colour scheme.  If you have to have a themed cake smash, then you are welcome to bring along your own décor or you can select a colour scheme from our options above that would compliment your themed cake.

You are welcome to bring a change of clothing for baby. 

Please just take into consideration that most babies do not like getting changed repeatedly.  This could upset your baby and ruin your photo session.  You know your child best. 

Also, constant outfit changes take up time.  This will leave you with less time for your photo session and with less images at the end of the day. 

Please note that we have a small and intimate studio.  You can not invite your whole extended family to attend the photo session.  Please stick to mom, dad and baby’s siblings.  Our studio can accommodate 5 people at the most.  If you would like to include more people, please book a lifestyle/location session.

During your photo session I will take as many photos as possible.  Afterwards you will receive a link to the gallery where you can view your images and make a selection of the 50 images that you prefer.  On the gallery you will receive between 70-80 images to make a selection from, depending on how much time we had to shoot.  If you are late or baby needs a bit more time to relax, you will receive less images due to time constraints.

Kindly bring the following with you:

The outfit that you would like your baby to be photographed in;

A set of clean clothes;

Plenty of wet wipes;

A towel for the baby bath;

Some water or milk for your baby to drink after the photo session.

I look forward to meeting you and your baby.

Cake Smash Photo Session: Qhawe is One

How cute is this little man! Qhawe recently turned one year old. He came to the studio with his family to celebrate this very special occasion.

Just a few favourites.

Cake Smash Photo Session: Kamogelo is One

How cute is little Kamogelo with her ponies! And just look at those teethies when she smiles.

Kamogelo recently turned one year old and she same to the studio with her parents for a cake smash photo session. We had a lot of fun.

Just a few favourites.

Cake Smash Photo Session: Thendo is One

Little Thendo recently turned one year old. He came to the studio with his parents and older brothers to celebrate this occasion.

He is truly loved by his whole family and this is understandable.

Just a few favourites.