Newborn Baby Anastasia [Pretoria Newborn Baby Photographer]

Little Anastasia was only 13 days old when I took these images. She slept through most of the session like a little angle.  Coincidently she also has the face of a little angel.

Just a few favourites.  All the images can be viewed under the client proofs.

Baby_Photographer_Pretoria_East Baby_Photographer_Pretoria Newborn_Baby_Photographer_Pretoria_East Newborn_Baby_Photographer_Pretoria Picksees_Photography Pretoria_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_East_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_East_Newborn_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_East_Photographer Pretoria_East_Photography_Studio Pretoria_Family_Photographer Pretoria_Newborn_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_Photographer Pretoria_Photography_Studio