Baby Henru and Family [Pretoria Newborn Baby Photographer]

I have lost count of how many times I have photographed Natalie and her beautiful family.  It is a photo shoot that I always look forward to.  This time around they brought their newest addition, little baby Henru for a quick 30 minute session.  He was such a sweet little darling and slept so soundly that I almost felt to guilty to move him around.

Just a few favourites.  All the images can be viewed under the client proofs.

Newborn_Baby_Photographer_Pretoria_East Newborn_Baby_Photographer_Pretoria Pretoria_East_Family_Photographer Pretoria_East_Newborn_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_East_Photographer Pretoria_Family_Photographer Pretoria_Newborn_Baby_Photographer Pretoria_Photographer Baby_Photographer_Pretoria_East Baby_Photographer_Pretoria